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So, Who Is Behind This Site?

Solo entrepreneur, Akinori Furukoshi, is the owner and operator of this site. Mr. Furukoshi started his own business while he was working at a Japanese restaurant for minimum wage. He happily says, "In late 1998, before the first snowfall, I kissed my boss good-bye!"

Furukoshi claims he is an ordinary guy. "I did not know anything about running a business, so I learned." He has learned from experience. He puts every idea into action and keeps ones that works, discarded ones that didn't work. "That was the only way I could do what I wanted," Furukoshi says, "I didn't know anyone who could show me how to operate a business."

Hi! I'm Akinori

To share his knowledge, Furukoshi put his knowledge together and began this web site with the hope of benefiting the visitors. Furukoshi explains, "It is a great idea to learn from others' mistakes and avoid making costly and often painful mistakes yourself."

Finally, here is Furukoshi's view of the Internet. "The Internet is a great invention. Now, opportunities are within everyone's reach." Furukoshi rightly points out "It is all up to you to get an opportunity for yourself or otherwise watch somebody else get it."

Look at a Quick Biography of Akinori Furukoshi

He was born in Japan in 1968.
He became a mechanical engineer.
In 1993, he quit his job and came to Canada.
He has worked as a tour guide, a mechanic, and a cook.
He has held no job since 1998.
In 2002, the oldest son finally went back home to take care of his family.
Presently, he is working very hard to wake up before noon.