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E-zine Saves Ad Budget

     How many free e-zines have you subscribed to? There are tons of them on the net today. Have you ever wondered why almost every web business offers free e-zines?

Ad Campaign Madness

     When you start a business, you need to advertise it. Otherwise hardly anyone will come to you. An advertisement has 2 functions. One is, of course, to tell the world you exist. The second is to familiarize prospects with your business.

     People tend to buy products or services from the business most familiar to them. Have you ever been told there was a store in town where you could buy that special thing you're looking for but you'd completely forgotten about that store. Chances are it's because you hadn't seen an ad for that store since its "Grand Opening". When people see your ads more often than your competitors', your business will come to mind when they need something. Unfortunately, pouring money into ad campaigns is expensive and is how most dot coms go bankrupt. Only the big names with deep pockets survive this madness.

Keep Prospects Aware With Your E-zine

     An e-zine helps to keep you in touch with your potential customers. You offer some valuable information to them, and they give you permission to send e-mails to them (they opt to receive, hence the name "opt-in" mailing list). Now you have a chance to repeatedly embed your business into their brains.

     Once they remember you well, they will most likely do business with you when they are ready, and because you use e-mail, this sweet exchange can be made at no extra cost! You still have to pay for new visitors, but now you are also growing your list of potential customers as opt-in subscribers to your "in-house, essentially free, name-recognition advertising campaign".

     If you don't have an e-zine, surfers come to your site and leave. Maybe they will "bookmark" your site, but as bookmarks become unmanageable, they're likely to forget who you were and delete you. You have to buy ad after ad to bring them back, otherwise your URL could be forgotten forever. This is what the dot "bombs" did. They paid to get new visitors and re-paid to bring them back.

More Exposure With Your Own Articles

     You can do more with your own articles. E-zine directories (web sites listing e-zines and articles) are always looking for quality e-zines to pass along to surfers, and some e-zine publishers use other writers' articles. You can submit your articles to them. Just including your "micro" biography (bio) and link to your web site, you can gain exposure to others' lists at no extra cost.

     It can be hard to write articles periodically, but can you ignore the benefits your e-zine can deliver? You don't want to become a dot bomb yourself, do you? Publish your own e-zine and be competitive.

© April, 2002