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Guaranteed Traffic, What Is Really Guaranteed?

     Once we open a Web site, all of us want to get traffic, lots of it. It doesn't matter how good your products or services are. No traffic means no sales.

Sound Good?

     If I offered you 100,000 "guaranteed" unique visitors for $1,000, would that be too good to be true? Well, you can find these kinds of deals on the Net today with no sweat. But you should think about what is really guaranteed. They do send you visitors as they promised. If you buy 100,000, you'll get all of them. But, the trouble is, you won't make any sales. The money you pay for the guaranteed traffic will be a total loss! You are ticked off. Who wouldn't be?

See How You Get the Traffic

     To avoid this trick, you have to see how a traffic-selling company directs surfers to your Web site. Review the complete details of how they send you surfers. Also ask to see how they are sending surfers to other companies. For example, what do you think will happen when a surfer visits or leaves their desired Web site, and your home page appears in a pop-up window? If you have been surfing the Web long enough, you know the fate of pop-ups, don't you? Being closed before completing download. But this is still considered one hit. Think carefully: Do you really want to pay for that kind of traffic?

Something They Don't Want to Tell You

     They are selling you traffic, so they need to get it somewhere else. Most of the time they use their own Web site to gather the traffic. Sometimes, they buy traffic from other companies and re-sell it to you. Either way, make sure they don't spam. Even though they have their own Web site to gather the traffic, they may still use unsolicited e-mails to get more traffic. When your name is in an unsolicited e-mail, you will not only get a bad reputation, your business can be shut down.

Test Before Buying Whole Traffic

     If their service is still attractive to you, test the quality of the traffic. You can ask to buy part of the traffic they offer before buying whole, and check the conversion rate. Buying part might depend on your negotiation skill, but if they don't let you buy a small portion of their traffic package, most likely their traffic won't be worth the money. Don't be eager to take their offers.

     Unfortunately, there are people who will deceive you to take your money. Don't be nailed. Discovering that your marketing campaign is a total loss after the fact is too late. Be cautious; be wise.

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