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Communicate More and Sell More

     It's a well-known fact that most people will not buy until the 5th or later contact. If you are relying on one-time impression selling, you are missing a big chunk of sales.

Make Your Prospects Feel Special

     As you make more contacts with the same persons, you will be able to make more sales from them; but it doesn't mean you should bombard their in-box with advertising e-mails. You will just irritate your potential customers, and that kind of e-mailing will most likely be considered as spam. To sell more, you have to make recipients feel they are specially treated when they read your e-mails. It sounds tricky, but it's easy. Sending follow-up e-mails does the job, yet it is overlooked by many Web masters.

Follow Up with Prospects

     You can send follow-ups to anyone who asks you a question or sends you any kind of inquiry. In my case, anyone who sends me an inquiry gets 4 follow-ups -- 3, 7, 14, and 25 days after I replied to the inquiry. (I send my subscribers only 2 follow-ups, on the 3rd and 7th days, because I think 4 follow-ups AND a newsletter is a little too much.) In those follow-up e-mails, I simply ask if there is anything more I can help with.

Closing Sales Is the New Start

     Don't forget to follow up with customers who have bought your products or services. Many businesses have a "got-money-good-bye" attitude. But remember: Anyone who bought from you before will most likely buy from you again if you treat her or him right. Say "thank you" to your customers. Also, you can ask how they like your products or, on later follow-ups, if they have any trouble using your products. Don't think that closing sales is the end; think of it as the beginning of the next sales process.

Automate this Sweet Deal

     If sending follow-ups sounds like too much work, you can automate the entire follow-up process just by getting one of the autoresponding services, such as the ones from http://www.webmarketingmagic.com  or by buying software like Group Mail .

     Service or software? Each has pros and cons. You have to pay a monthly fee to service providers, but they maintain the system. It's hands-free on your side. You pay only once for the software, but YOU have to make sure the software and PC are running properly all the time. If it isn't working right (or just turning your PC off), no autoresponding message is sent.

     Just simple follow-up helps to build relationships, and relationship helps to sell. Don't be shy. Talk to your customers more and double, or even triple, your sales.

© June, 2002