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Don't Be The Best

     The word, "best" is already over used, and doesn't attract potential buyers any longer. Forget about that powerless word. Instead, use "first." That word sells your products way better than the best. Skeptical? Read on.

The "First" Impresses People Most

     You know Neil Armstrong was the first man who walked on the moon, but you probably can't recall the second person who walked on the moon (unless you are a space mission geek). We don't remember the second, even though Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin landed on the moon with Neil Armstrong in the same space ship and walked on the moon moments after he did. We remember only the first, and we remember the first extremely well. That means once you get across the message that your product is a first, your business will stick in people's minds. People will come to you when they need your products.

Find Your First

     Fortunately, you don't need to invent anything we've never seen to be the first. You just need to make some unique twists on existing products, or your product's unique feature might already be the first of its kind. So, re-examine your products thoroughly. Once you find your first, don't forget to tell the world about it. No one knowing your first is the same as not having it.

Be the First to Show

     If you still have trouble finding your first, you can tell publicly anything that hasn't been told to the public. For example, during the mad cow disease epidemic, one meat shop guaranteed his beef was disease-free because he was able to track his beef's shipping route. Tracking beef wasn't his first. That wasn't even his idea. His supplier tracks their products. The owner just told the public how he gets the beef. If you are the first person who publicly shows something, even if it is just your industry's standard, you will be credited with the first as this meat shop owner was. He saved his store. Remember that just because YOU know something doesn't means everyone knows it.

     This one simple word will super charge your business. In addition, "first" lasts forever. You can beat the best and become the best yourself, but you cannot beat the first. Forget about "best." Be the first.

© November, 2002