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Get More Subscribers

     Publishing your own newsletter is good only if you have lots of subscribers. Here is how to increase your subscribers base.


     People subscribe to your newsletter because you protect their privacy, not because it is free. You have to state: "We will never sell or share your personal information" or similar promises right at every "subscribe" button. Or make a link to your "Privacy Policy" page. You can make your privacy policy as you wish, but no-sell-no-share is a minimum requirement to get people's e-mail addresses. Otherwise, these days, visitors won't subscribe to your newsletter. Of course, once you SAY you won't share, don't share.


     Simple subscribing processes lead to more subscribers. As business owners, we want lots of information from potential customers. But making extra fields to fill out will discourage visitors from subscribing to your newsletter. Remember you only need e-mail addresses to send the newsletter. You could ask for their first name in order to personalize the newsletter, but that is still an extra. Asking for first AND last name is too much. You will never need last names to send a newsletter. The more you ask; the fewer subscribers you get. Also, you don't need a double opt-in process unless your host requests. With either single or double opt-in, you will still get complaints from forgetful subscribers, and people might change their minds when you ask for the second opt-in.

Show Your Newsletter

     Showing previous issues of your newsletter will describe your newsletter best. Doing so gives visitors enough information to make a decision. The decision might be "yes," or it might be "no." But not giving enough information always returns one answer: "no." Also, archiving lots of interesting articles is the best way to promote your newsletter. With all that valuable information at their disposal, people cannot resist subscribing to your newsletter for more.

     Because Web surfers have already subscribed to a numbers of e-zines, it can be hard to get new subscribers. Use these tips and turn more visitors into subscribers.

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