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The Most Profitable Products

     You can make more money if you create products for people who have a lot of extra money. This sounds like common sense, but most businesses are ignoring this.

No Money No Business

     Here is an example. When I was starting my Web sites, I found a good book about HTML. It was only $30, but I couldn't afford it. I was working at minimum wage. $30 was too much for me. No matter how good your products are and how much prospective clients love your products, if potential customers don't have money, you'll have a hard time selling your products.

Higher Price

     More sales aren't the only advantage you will get. You can also sell your products at a higher price to people who have extra money. Let's say you write the book "Play Beethoven in 30 Days" and price it $30. $30 for a book is nothing for people who can afford a piano. You can sell the book at $60 or even higher. On the other hand, if you write the book "Clear Debt in 30 Days", it is going to be very hard to sell a book to people who have trouble balancing their books, even if it only costs $30.

Less Headache

     Moreover, if the products are harder to afford, people demand more out of the products. Harder to afford doesn't mean higher priced. $30 has a different value to different people. You can easily satisfy people who feel "It's only $30." But you need way better products to satisfy people who feel $30 is too expensive. If buyers aren't satisfied, they will return your products for refunds. Even worse, they may return the products after making a copy to keep, or crack your server to download a free copy. Either way, less profit for you.

Also, Consider This

     Creating products for the right audience is a very important factor, but don't ignore other aspects of profitable products Open in New Window.

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