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Cannot Search? Cannot Be The Web!

     What do people do online? They search. If your site doesn't have a search feature, it cannot be called a website.

The Difference

     Recently, I was looking for accommodation. I browsed a few websites listing available housing. I also looked at local newspaper ads. But I quickly stopped looking at newspaper ads because I couldn't search. I had to read all the ads to find interesting ones. It was quite a time consuming process. By using websites, I was able to search entire ads based on type of house, price, location, and many other criteria. The search feature saved my day.

Gotta Have Search

     This is the power of a website; you can search for whatever you are looking for. So, a search feature is one of the most important features of your site. Many internet marketing gurus suggest you should add a search feature if your site has 100 or more pages. Because internet surfers are getting more and more search dependent, I would say if you have only 10 pages, you should add a search feature.

Google AdSense for Search

     Today, you can use a high quality search feature, Google AdSense for Search, just by adding a little code. Some people might think it appears unprofessional because you need to add Google's logo. However, the name "Google" has become synonymous with "search," and people know the quality of Google's results. Also, when visitors see Google's logo, they will instantantly know what the box next to the logo can do for them. On top of that, you can make money by adding Google AdSense for Search to your site. Why don't you take full advantage of it?

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