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How to Test

     You know how important it is to test everything you do. But, you might wonder how to do it right.

Know Why

     The biggest mistake people make is that they only figure out what worked better, but not why it worked better. For example, you can buy an A/B split test script and use it with different sales pages. After the test, everyone can see which page performed better, but few people think about why one page performed better than the other.


     To find out why, you need to carefully prepare each test. Conversion rates of sales pages will change by different factors (such as headline, colour scheme, composition of entire page, etc). When you are making different sales pages for the test, you can change only one factor. If you change the headline, the rest of the sales page must remain completely the same. This allows you to make sure that it is the headline that made the difference. If you change the headline and the background colour, you'll never know what made the sales pages performance different - headline or background colour. Moreover, if you change the headline phrase, you shouldn't change size or font colour. If you do, you can't tell what made the difference - phrase or font.


     This is what professional copywriters have done. Because they learned what made the difference, they are able to provide their clients with good sales copies. At the beginning, you might not understand whether a particular change will make the sales copy better. But, if you keep testing, soon you will be able to tell what will make the copy better and what won't. And, you will be able to write sales copy like a real professional.

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