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More Than Sales Copies

     Many webmasters only focus on writing good sales copies as a means to sell their products; however, sales copies are just one potential marketing strategy.


     In addition to using sales copies, writing an article related to your products is another useful marketing tool that is commonly used to sell products. For example, this article  provides useful information to the potential customer about how following up can improve their sales. Although this article does not deliver an overt sales pitch, it is still a highly effective sales technique because it provides the customer with information related to software programs that can automate the follow-up process. Many savvy internet marketing gurus like to use this technique by designing newsletters that promote their products while providing useful information.


     Writing reviews is another effective way to sell products. When I first launched my enterprise, my website was primarily comprised of sales copy. When I eventually replaced these sales copies with reviews , my overall affiliate commissions tripled. Rather than merely having a product sold to them, offering reviews allows people to feel that they are being empowered to make good buying decisions. My reviews outsell my sales copies because they fulfill my customers’ needs.

The Close

     Although the above strategies are both effective selling techniques, they require a unique approach to be effective. It is important that you employ an effective close. Without an effective close, you can’t expect to sell anything. For sales copies, action words (such as "Buy Now!") offer an effective closing strategy. However, these action words are not likely to work for the strategies described above. Instead, a more subtle approach, such as providing simple text links to affiliate merchants' sites, is usually more effective.

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