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Don't "Wow" Visitors

     Every webmaster has thought or is thinking about making an eye-catching website. But, it's a big no-no.


     Today's Internet browsers are multimedia capable. (In fact, according to my stats, more than 95% of visitors use browsers that support Flash.) There will be no problem attracting visitors' attention by using nifty animation effects. However, as visitors get more and more attracted by those effects, they are more distracted from your products.

Sell, Not Entertain

     Your website is supposed to sell stuff, not entertain your visitors. From simple graphics to fancy Flash animation, eye-candies shouldn't be on your website unless they help to sell your products. An easy navigation scheme, sufficient information on your products and your business, and an easy checkout system are the stuff needed to sell product. These boring things are way more important than fancy animations.


     Here are two hypothetical websites:

  1. Web pages are professionally designed and very attractive. There is an impressive Flash presentation on the home page. Also, lots of features are available to entertain you. However, it is hard to find the product you are looking for, and there is little information on the product.
  2. Web pages are very simple, no bells and whistles. You think you can make those kinds of web pages by yourself. But, the website is easy to navigate and the search feature brings back relevant results. It is very easy to find the product you are looking for. Finally, the checkout process is straightforward.

You can easily tell website #2 sells more products. But, when people are making their own website, they focus on the appearance of pages too much and end up having a website like #1. Don't do that to yourself.

© June, 2006