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Podcasting and Promotion

     Many websites are feeding podocasts these days. Can podcasting help you promote your website?


     Podcasts are multimedia files (combination of video, sound, and text) that are distributed over the internet via RSS feeds. You can watch or listen podocasts on your PC or portable music devices, like an iPod. For example, my RSS  feeds are all text, so it isn't a podcast. However, if I feed a video or sound file, it would be considered a podocast.


     Many marketers say podcasting is very useful for website promotion because it is syndicated via RSS. However, RSS won't promote your site automatically. People have choices about which RSS feeds they watch and will only subscribe to the feeds they like. If you don't know how to make attractive feeds, you're not going to get any subscribers, so podcasting won't do anything to promote your site.

Do It Right

     For successful podcasting, choosing the format that best suits your content is a crucial step. For article-based feeds, like mine, a sound only file (or even text RSS) would be better than video. Viewers will get bored when they watch a video of a guy just talking to the camera, even though the information is useful. On the other hand, if you can provide DIY-TV-show like video that shows easy-to-understand instructions, people will love your podocast. In this case, using a video file helps promote your website.

     Remember technology doesn't sell products; content does. Whatever you are creating -- web page, newsletter, or podocast -- always focus on how users will feel instead of what technology you will use.

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