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Foundation of Making Money

     It's been 10 years since I stated my website. In those years, the most asked question is how can I make money online. Here is how.


     Most people think the right affiliate program will magically make them rich. But, the real magic is in marketing. If you don't know about marketing, you cannot promote your affiliate ID and will earn no income. It isn't which program you join; it's whether you know how to promote. Moreover, if you don't market, no one is going to buy your products even if they are the best products in the world. On the other hand, you can sell so-so products if you market well. So, marketing is the core of a successful business.


     Deciding what products to sell can give you a headache. But, once you figure out how to market, you will be able to tell what kind of products will be easier to sell. Easier to sell means making more money. Also, if you know about marketing, you can tell which affiliate merchant sites have higher conversion rates. This will help you join hot selling affiliate programs.


     To learn about marketing, you don't have to go back to school. Bill Gates doesn't have a MBA. There are a number of good marketing books at your local library as well as online. There are phony ones on the Internet, but some articles are based on authors' real experiences. No publisher cares about those articles; however, they do help you learn a lot.

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