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Searchers Friendly

     If you want to be found by internet searchers, pick keywords users actually type into search boxes when you are Search Engine Optimizing (SEO).

Everyday Words

     The basic of the basics: use everyday words. For example, don't use "pathogen" or "infectious agent." Instead, simply use "virus" or "bacteria" unless your target audiences are physicians or biologists. (You can use those technical terms in your content, but not for SEO.) Familiar words always spring into people's minds first. Those are the words people will type into search boxes, and those are the keywords you should use for SEO.

Do Not Coin

     Avoid optimizing for made-up terms at all cost. No one knows the made-up words until people come to the page and read the content. So, no one searches for the made-up word to find the page. It's been 2 years since I put up my own coined term "JAM" on one of my web pages. No one has ever found my site by using that term. (So, it was removed.)

Use Distinct Words

     There are a bunch of terms that have been created to address minorities, i.e., physically challenged, developmental delay, etc. These words are not specific enough for a search. For example, the word "visually impaired" includes completely blind, low vision, and colour blind. People with each type of visual impairment have completely different needs (looking for different information or products), so they will search by using specific words. Optimize your webpages for proper keywords rather than "politically correct" words.

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