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Is Your Opt-in List Safe?

     Spammers are getting more sophisticated everyday. Wherever you put your Opt-in list, make sure it's safe.

My Experience

     When I subscribe to someone's newsletter, I use a unique e-mail address for each subscription, and I don't use that unique address in any other way. This way, I can tell which publisher gives my e-mail address to spammers by way of the recipient's address. In the past two years, there were three incidents of spam involving those unique e-mail addresses. (Here, spam means e-mail messages that are from an address that was spoofed. I'm not mixing this up with advertisement-only issues.


     I contacted publishers and asked how a spammer got my unique e-mail addresses. Following are their responses.

  • Incident 1
    They denied selling or sharing e-mail addresses, but the address stopped receiving spam.
  • Incident 2
    They denied selling/sharing the addresses. I still receive spam occasionally.
  • Incident 3
    I didn't get any response from them, but more and more spam.

Non of them answered my question, "how a spammer got my unique e-mail addresses." Quite suspicious, isn't it? But, I cannot tell if they actually sell/share the Opt-in list. Maybe their server was compromised and a spammer stole the list.

Protect Your Subscribers

     If you are using one of Opt-in list hosting services, get on your toes! Add your own e-mail address to your list. The e-mail address you add has to be unique and shouldn't be used in any other way. This way, you can tell exactly what's going on. If you start receiving spam at that unique e-mail address, change the host. Sold/shared or stolen, either way, you'd better stay away from them: Otherwise, sooner or later, your newsletter will be blocked by various ISPs.

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