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Wider Price Range, More Sales

     All of us know that having a wide range of products increases sales. But, did you know that broadening the price range will increase sales, too?

Reasonable Prices

     Most business owners understand the benefits of having a wide range of products, and they work at getting a variety of products. However, they tend to get products in a similar price range. Home-based webmasters in particular tend to have products priced around $50. That's because at-home webmasters are also individual consumers, and they set prices that individual consumers will like.

Premium Prices

     There's nothing wrong with setting individual consumer-friendly prices, but there are people who buy high-priced products. For example, ClickTrack  is one of the affiliate programs I joined; their software costs $995. That's quite expensive for software, but, I sell it all the time. Some people do buy high-priced products. If you don't have products for them, you are missing out on a big chunk of money.

Worth Money

     To sell high-priced products, you just need to convince potential buyers that your products are worth the money. Showing benefits that other (cheaper) products cannot deliver does the trick. (In some countries, advertisements that compare a product with other companies' products are prohibited. Check your local regulations.) Of course, not everyone buys high-end products. But, by broadening your price range, you can acquire different kinds of customers, hence more profit for you.

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