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Feature and Benefit

     The words "feature" and "benefit" may sound similar, but when writing sales copies, they have very different meanings and have a huge impact on the conversion rate.


     First, let's make it clear what these words mean.

  • The feature is what a product can do.
  • The benefit is how a feature makes users happy.

Let's look at a cell phone with MP3 playing capability. "Can play MP3s" is a feature. "Enjoy music anywhere" is a benefit.

Benefit Sells

     Generally speaking, features describe products better than benefits. However, benefits can convince people to buy your products much better than features. Unfortunately, writing benefits can be tricky and challenging. The same description of features can be used for all kinds of customers, but the description of benefits is reader dependent. Let's say that you are selling security software. You can talk about a feature -- "Detects over 1 million malicious software" -- to all potential customers. However, the description of benefits for corporate customers and consumers will be different. For corporate customers, a good description would be "Keep your company's confidential information secret." For consumers, it would be "Make your personal life nobody's business."

The Advantage

     Writing a good description of benefits can be challenging. The same principle applies to your competitors. There are very few websites which show well-written benefits. If you do it right, you will easily outperform your competitors.

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