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Say No to New Technologies

     A couple of years ago, I said not to use nifty effects on web pages . There has been a giant leap in web technologies, but now I want to emphasize even more: don't use nifty effects.


     According to research by WebsiteOptimization.com, an average web page contains 50 objects and weighs more than 300KB. That's insane. It would take too long to download. Most servers, even Microsoft, cannot send data faster than 500kbps, per visitor (Apple and Google are a couple of exceptions). That's because dozens of people visit your site simultaneously (otherwise, you aren't making any money), and even if you have a dedicated server, you are sharing the internet connection with somebody else's servers. So, no matter how fast users' internet connections are, it will take 5 seconds to send a 300KB-page (300 kilo "binary bytes" / 500 kilo "bits" per second = 4.9 sec.). That is too slow.


     After downloading all the objects attached to the page, you'll be lucky if the browser displays the page with that irritating, choppy scrolling effect. The browser will often crash or freeze. When that happens, that will be the last time people visit your website.

Search Engine

     Moreover, web objects won't work well on search engines' cached pages. There are people who prefer cached pages over originals because the searched keywords are highlighted, but even though your page is ranked highly on search result pages, the web objects turn people away.

I Say Again

     As I said two years ago, don't add anything to your web pages that doesn't help to sell your products.

© September, 2008