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No-Show on Google Search Results

     I've heard numerous new webmasters complaining that their sites aren't showing up on Google's search results pages (SRPs). Well, that's what supposed to happen.


     The no-show problem on Google's SRPs isn't new. Since 2003, many search engine optimization (SEO) professionals have guessed that Google might be excluding new websites from search results for a given period of time. This theory was confirmed by a Google patent application published in 2005. So, if you have just set up a new website, your site won't be on Google's SRPs. According to SEO professionals, the average exclusion period is about 9 months.

New Domain

     If you are changing your domain name, watch out. The exclusion rule also applies when an existing website gets a new domain name. To avoid being excluded from Google, SEO professionals recommend using "302 temporally redirect" at first. Then, once your new domain name shows up on SRPs, switch to "301 permanent redirect." This will keep your site on Google's SRPs during the transition.

New Website

     If you have created a brand new website, your site will be excluded from Google's SRPs for 9 months, no matter what you do. You may publish an incomplete version of your site to start the exclusion timer counting down. That way, the timer will expire by the time you officially release your site. Remember that there are other search engines, like Yahoo and MSN. Also, advertisements always bring customers to your site. So don't panic if you aren't showing up on Google yet; focus on promoting your site.

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