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Surviving in Inbox

     The more e-mail people receive, the more e-mail will be deleted. What can you do to make your e-mail stand out from other ever-increasing e-mail and get read?


     When people are deciding which e-mail messages to read and which to delete, they often use whatever information is displayed in the inbox's columns. People can configure what columns to display; there are two columns that almost every user picks, "sender" and "subject." Hence, it is this information you can use to make people open your e-mail.


     Commonly, your subject should be attractively phrased and shorter than about fifty characters. However, the same technique is used not only in spam but also in phishing. As a result, people have become less sensitive to the subject line. Today, a sensational subject, like "biggest savings of the year!" almost has no effect on convincing people to open an e-mail. Instead, try to write a subject that explains clearly what the e-mail is all about without hype.


     Though the sender field may not seem to do too much, on the contrary, it's the most influential information regarding which e-mail to open. First, the sender name doesn't have to be an e-mail address or a sender's actual name; you can choose whatever you want. So, pick a catchy name. Once you pick one, don't change it. The goal is to connect through the sender name and interesting content. If you made subscribers think, "This guy always sends an interesting newsletter," your newsletter will always get opened.

First Impression

     To make people think your newsletter is interesting, you have a very small window of opportunities. People will read the first few issues or newsletters to which they have just subscribed, so those first few issues are the only chance to show subscribers that your newsletter is interesting and worth reading. Because you get new subscribers all the time, you need to keep writing interesting content  every time. It's not easy, but that's what you need to do.

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