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Effects of Social Networking Sites

     Facebook and Twitter are big waves on the internet today. Can we take advantage of this phenomenon and get more customers?

Brace for Impact

     As it is very difficult to find anyone who doesn't use any of these sites, considering just their subscriber base will give you a big impact on the marketing of your website. Also, unlike regular websites that each individual browses independently, people can interact with each other on social websites. If you take this feature into account, this could be the most influential website on the net in terms of marketing.

Don't Be Fooled

     However, good things will only happen if you use it right. When new technology is introduced, people tend to think that they "must" use it, or they will fall behind. People become obsessed with opening accounts on some of the social sites without thinking about any strategic advantages. You need to understand what social sites can do for your business before adding a "follow us on twitter" icon on your site.

What Works

     For example, as described via word-of-mouth, if you release a story that people will talk about, it will quickly spread onto a social site, and you can drive a bunch of visitors to your site. Or, if you want to hear what people think about your products, people can freely post comments on these sites and you've discovered a gold mine. But, if you want to provide customer support, those series of random comments are totally useless; old web forums can do a better job. It all depends on what you want. Don't use social networking sites just because they are making a buzz. Use them only if they help your business.

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