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Story Teller

     As I mentioned in the word-of-mouth issue , if you want to get customers through word of mouth, you need products people will talk about. Since then, many people have complained about only having ordinary products which no one will talk about. Even if that describes your products, you can still get customers through word of mouth.

You Have History

     If you don't have products people will talk about, then talk about your store. If you've been running a website for some years, you must have some stories others would be interested in. Just look back; you'll find stories that catch people's interest. Even if you've just started a website, the reason you started your business is worth talking about. For example, someone who sells glucose meters tells you that she started selling them because one of her family members is diabetic; that's a quite story. People can see her commitment, and she will instantly get trust from customers.


     Here is my story. When I was working at a restaurant for below minimum wage, I thought I should do something rather than keep working at a restaurant that only had a few customers on Monday and Wednesday. So I started selling pictures I took. That was a complete failure. I was only able to sell one picture every four months. While socializing with a net savvy marketer, I talked about my mistakes. He started making money on the internet by learning from my failure. That's when I started charging consulting fees, and that business took off.

Tell Stories

     How about it? While you were reading my story, you must have forgotten what this issue's topic is. That how powerful telling a story is. Products or your store... it doesn't matter. Just tell people stories.

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