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How to Use Social Networking Sites

     As I explained while ago, social networking sites have big impact on the marketing of your website . Here, we look at how you can take advantage of them.


     In using social networking sites for your business, your goal is to get more people to visit your website. With this in mind, many people start promoting their site as soon as they open an account and end up alienating potential customers. The first thing you need to do is listen, as these sites' purpose is socializing on the Internet. Start by chatting with people without mentioning business.


     While you are socializing, look for topics that are related to your products and people are interested in. Replying to comments on products you carry or starting threads about them are good places to start. When you post, don't just talk about your products. Tell stories about using them. For example, rather than just saying that a digital camera has a photo-stitching feature, say that you made a 24-inch-wide panoramic photo by using the photo-stitching feature and your mom really liked it. Use the power of storytelling  to get your store stuck in people's minds and to keep them talking about it. This is the real secret to getting customers through social networking sites.

Majority Rules

     One thing you need to keep in mind is that the majority rules on social networking sites. Because you are an expert on your products, you will be sure to notice a bunch of misconceptions out there. Avoid the temptation to keep track of them. Remember Galileo Galilei. If the whole of your society believes that the sun orbits the earth, informing them of the facts might only make them angry. You don't need to agree with misconceptions, but be careful about pushing back against them if the majority of people do not yet know that you are an expert.

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