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Answering FAQ

     The number one cause of lost sales at online stores is unanswered questions, so you should put up a FAQ section. Also, you can answer questions in a way that sells more of your products.

Preparing Your Answers

     To design FAQ sections that close sales, first you need to analyze the questions. A question can be divided into two parts, the part that just states the facts and the part that expresses emotions. For example, the short question "I'm not a computer geek. I don't know if I can use it" can be divided to "I'm not a computer geek" (fact) and "I don't know if I can use it" (emotion). Because consumers make buying decisions based on their emotions, if you answer those emotions (in this case, removing fear), you will close sales. So, answers like, "My mom is using it as well" will close sales. On the other hand, if you try to solve the situation (by making him a computer geek in this case) by answering "We have workshops for new users," that won't close sales.

Different Responses

     However, people are all different. They can all read the same thing but have different emotional responses. You can solve this type of variation by giving detailed descriptions. For example, when you say, "imagine a rock," people will imagine all different sizes of rocks. But if you say, "imagine a fist-sized rock," all people will imagine a fist-sized rock. With a few extra words, you can get the same response from everyone. Don't be lazy. Spend extra time writing detailed answers to close more sales.

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