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Unwanted Customers

     There are customers who just buy your products, and customers who complain about everything. No one likes naysayers, but they could actually help you increase sales.

Knowledge Is Profit

     For any kind of business, about 2 to 3 percent of customers are squeaky wheels. Most customers are generally happy shoppers and do not complain much. However, those non-complaining customers will also switch stores without a word when they're dissatisfied with your products or store. It is crucial to your sales that you listen to the complainers, because their concerns represent those of the majority of your customers.


     After listening to customer complaints, you need to resolve the issues; however, this does not mean you should respond to every complaint received. You should ignore complaints based on personal preferences, like the colour scheme of your site. However, you need to fix issues that affect sales, such as a confusing checkout process, unclear return policies, etc. The objective is to extract the key information from complaints, not to obey customers.


     One common thing being missed by lots of businesses in handling complaints is disclosing the improvements. Even though only a few percent of customers may complain, the majority of customers feel the same way. Maybe some of them have already switched to another store. In order to get them back to your store, you need to promote the improvements to tell people they will not suffer the same problem again. Otherwise, ex-customers will forever have the image of your store as it was before the improvements, and they will never come back.

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