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Fiction for Marketing

     More than once, I have mentioned that if you provide interesting stories, customers will come to your store. If you have not been able to find anything interesting enough to buzz your community, then write fiction.

Fiction and Advertisements

     You might wonder what writing fiction has to do with promoting your website. When you pay attention, there are many advertisements that tell stories. More importantly, stories can be remembered by an audience for several decades. I could not find a good example for international readers, but here is an example (All you need to do is check the stats. My favourite one starts at 1 minute.) This TV commercial has gotten 4 million views even 20 years after the original release. We don’t know how much those memorable ads have contributed to selling the products. However, as I mentioned in the "Promoting Your Products, Promoting Your Store issue, being remembered by the general public is one of the objectives of marketing.

Fiction and Truth

     This might sound similar to the topic covered in the "Story Teller issue, but the difference is that the stories in that issue were truth while fiction can be anything you can imagine. Moreover, fiction doesn’t have to relate to your products in any way. Here is an example This is a TV commercial for a drink. As you can see, the story has nothing to do with their products. You can use anything as an advertisement, and it will be a successful marketing campaign if someone decides to upload your ads on YouTube or when 4 million people “choose” to watch your ads.

Fictions and Lies

     One thing to note: writing fiction and lying are different. Anything goes in fiction. However, even in your fictional story, if you give the slightest implication that your product’s abilities are beyond what your product can actually do, it is a lie. In many countries, lying about your products in advertisements is prohibited by law. Be careful.

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