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Content for Website

     You have only a few seconds to get a visitor’s attention. To do that, you need to format your content so visitors see the most interesting part of your content within the first few seconds of arriving at your site.

Conclusion First

     The very first thing you should show is your conclusion, or your most important ideas. After that, you can add supporting information. For content with multiple sections, put the important idea at the beginning of each section. By doing so, your content will be formatted such that your key points will be right where your visitors look most . Now visitors will read what you want to say.

Hiding Conclusion

     Visitors will not stay on your site if you organize your content like an academic paper. In an academic paper, at the top, there is the background or an abstract, then supporting information, then finally the conclusion is stated. If you bury the conclusion at the end of the content, people will leave before they see it. The conclusion is what Internet users are looking for, and they will go somewhere else if they cannot find it quickly.

For Smartphones

     When you are writing for smartphone users, you need to state your point even more clearly and succinctly. The entire sentence containing your most important point should fit in a smartphone’s small screen. Content with multiple sections, like this one, is not recommended since, on the small screen, the viewer cannot see the structure of the content; that makes it harder to skim. To build content for smartphones, cut everything that is not absolutely essential.

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