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Sell Easy Solutions

     Everyone prefers to sit back and relax over working hard. So, if your products let them be lazy, people will spend money on your products.

Easy Fix

     According to today's marketing consultants, products that relate to entertainment, good health, or easing financial stress are top sellers. There is nothing wrong with this. The important thing is that users should be able to enjoy your products' benefits in an easy way. For example, people cannot resist buying health-related products such as diet pills because they are such an easy solution (all you have to do is swallow pills), even though everyone knows there is no such magical product. On the other hand, exercise products that require one hour of a Marin Corps grade workout three days a week will give people pause in purchasing even though people agree that they need to exercise to lose weight.

Sound Easy

     Instead of saying it is tough, you may say, "It only takes one hour of exercise three days a week. You can do it even while watching TV." This makes hard exercise sounds easy. This illusion will increase sales. It is up to your copywriting skills. Usually, copywriters only focus on products' features and benefits. However, going one step farther by telling customers how easily they can enjoy the benefits of the products will greatly increase your sales.

Make It Easy

     When you make existing products easier to use, the new easy-to-use products may outsell existing products. About 20 years ago, people had to type cryptic commands to use computers. So, only skilled individuals were able to use them. Making it so people only had to click a mouse button rather than type commands made computers easy to use. As a result, computers have become a household item. Mice were one of the greatest inventions in the history of the computer, but you do not need such invention. Even a slight improvement gives you a huge advantage in outselling competitors' products.

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