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Going Beyond Expectations Increases Sales

     Providing average services is only good enough for keeping a business going. In order for a business to grow and to gain market share, you need to provide something that goes beyond the customers' expectations.


     When starting a business, we all research the industry standards and mimic other businesses that have already been established. This is OK to begin with, but this is also a sure way to become just like the other business. Here is an example of a just-like-the-other experience. When you go to a restaurant that is just like another one, you will likely get an OK greeting from a waitress and OK dishes, at the end of which you will pay an OK priced bill. After having such an ordinary experience, people will not strongly think about never going back, but they will not strongly think about patronizing this restaurant either. Moreover, people will not talk about an ordinary experience to their friends.

Above Average

     On the other hand, think of how things would be if a waitress treats you like a king or a queen and the dishes are great, despite which the prices are competitive. People will frequent such a restaurant without any marketing campaign being required from your side, and people will talk about these extraordinary experiences to their friends. To enjoy this kind of outcome, you have to go beyond what the customers expect. But that does not mean you have to be the best. "Above average" is all you have to be to make people come back for more.

Save The Last For The Best

     Unfortunately, trying to provide above average services in every aspect -- such as training waitresses, hiring good chefs, and buying better material -- squeezes profits. Rather than doing everything, focus on the last thing, that is, the time that comes shortly before customers make their payment. For example, you could provide free wine or desserts to finish off the meal. This is enough to give customers a good impression. If customers make payments before that good feeling subsides, they will leave your store with much more satisfaction. This extra satisfaction brings back customers, and a satisfied customer will recommend your store to their friends. Give the last-the-best idea a shot; customers will come back.

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