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Trusted by Search Engines

     Since Google's two major algorithm changes last year, being trusted by search engines has never been more important.

Incoming Links

     Yes, all of us have done some link building: exchanging links, submitting to link farms, and so on. Such link building tactics no longer have any effect on search result rankings. Even worse, after Google's Penguin update these link building tactics could be penalized, and your website could disappear from search result pages (a few incidents have been reported). Even so, incoming links naturally posted by other Internet users are still effective in improving rankings. Unfortunately, those honest incoming links are hard to get. The quickest solution is to hire bloggers to write about your products. Even though this service must be paid for, as long as the content is useful for people interested in your products, it will help achieve higher rankings.

Duplicate Content

     About 10 years ago, almost everyone was submitting articles to content portal sites, but today duplicate content on the Internet is easily recognized as spam by Google, and posting it will most likely result in lower search result rankings. Submitting your content to websites with high traffic volume is an effective way to acquire visitors. When you are doing so, avoid posting the same content on multiple websites.

Frequency of Keywords

     Many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals are still in favour of stuffing keywords into content. This is another tactic that triggers Google's suspicion. Some SEO professionals say that the ratio of the content's word count to the number of keywords included is the key to higher rankings. However, this magical ratio does not exist. Naturally-written content is what Google trusts most. Remember, SEO is not about tricking search engines; it is about being honest.

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