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What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

     At numerous seminars, they teach that you do not need money or education to be successful. I have also said the same thing many times. Then, what do we really need to be successful?

Essentials of Businesses

     To begin, let's think about the fundamentals of businesses. Running a businesses is all about people; no business can exist without people. Say you drifted to an inhabited island and are all by yourself. You could survive alone, at least for a while. However, you could not run any business. Not only that, there is no meaning to selling or buying if you are alone. To run a profitable business, there must be "other" people.

Network of People

     Back to our original question. To be successful, you need to know people, lots of them. You don't need money, as long as you can find some investors though your network of people. You do not need any education if you know someone who has the skills that you need. Furthermore, if your interpersonal skills are good enough to make a large network of people, you can naturally acquire a lot of customers (i.e. more referrals through word of mouth or better results on marketing campaigns). On the other hand, a person whose people skills are too poor to create a decent sized network of people will not be able to stay in business regardless of how much money is used in marketing campaigns.

People Skills

     However, do not confuse good people skills with being a good guy. Just doing others a favour or being kind to others doesn't mean you have good people skills. Sometimes, people will take advantage of you rather than being thankful. Instead, learn to tell interesting stories Open in New Window. Good storytellers can not only sell products; they can make your network of people bigger and make your business grow. Even though the effects are powerful, you should not make empty promises in your stories. Empty promises will work the very first time, but in exchange, you will lose trust from people. Entertain people with a good story, but don't deceive them. Also, don't be too nice or be a jerk. It is tricky, but interpersonal skills are what you really need to succeed even though we live in the Internet age.

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