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Balanced Operation

     If you run a business with biased management, it will most definitely result in negative outcomes. You should operate your business in a well-balanced manner.


     Running a profitable business requires taking care of many different things: accounting, customer services, marketing, etc. If a business focuses only one thing, the business will not grow. For example, if a business focuses only on marketing and totally ignores serving customers, that business will lose customers no matter how successful the marketing campaigns are. Or, if a business obsesses over profits and sells cheap stuff as expensively as it can, no customer will patronize such business.


     You need to look after all aspects of your business in a well-balanced manner like top athletes keeping their health and mental conditions in top shape, in addition to their physical skills. For businesses, "skill" means quality of products or services, i.e. quality of software if you are a programmer. If you are reselling someone else's products, selecting products worth the money is the "skill". Next, "health" is accounting. To stay healthy, rather than being obsessed with money you should make your profits fair-and-square. To do so, you need to not just collect dues, but also pay dues. (If you keep defaulting on dues, soon you will not be able to find anyone to provide you any required services.) The last one, "mind", is your attitude toward customers and business partners. For example, think of just saying "thank you"; there are big difference between "thank you" by a customer service manual and "thank you" from true appreciation.


     If you are hiring some employees, there is one more thing to look after. You need to create a culture that makes individual employees be able to perform at their best. Corporate politics and power-abusing management are very common things that kill employees' creativity and performance. Moreover, those things will create negative energy, and customers will sense it. Running a successful business is not just collecting money. Make sure to look after all aspects of your business.

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