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Mind and Money

     Money can make people work, but money can't move people's hearts. If you apply the same principle to business operation, your business will grow.

Moving People

     In normal advertisements, monetary values are obviously stated. Selling some products cheaper than others, justifying higher prices based on advanced features . . . all of these are centred around money. Of course, you can sell products this way, but with this method, you're moving people with money. When another store starts selling the same products, only cheaper, your customers will shop at that store. If you compete in a price war, your profit margin will drop. This is an inevitable outcome of using money to move people.

Moving Hearts

     Now pick your favourite TV commercial. Then, try to think about why you like that particular commercial. Most likely, you didn't like that commercial because it promoted a bargain price. The reason you enjoyed it is because of emotions (i.e., it was funny, cool, touching). The commercials that move people's hearts will stick in their minds, so that they always remember them. In this way, people will always remember your store when they're deciding where they're going to shop.

Minds Move People

     When I talk about people's minds, some may say, "You can't run businesses with spiritualism." However, before a person takes any action, their mind decides what to do. Mental states are fundamental to all human behaviours; it isn't just spiritualism. Focus on grabbing people's minds, rather than concentrate only on the monetary values of your products.

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