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Catching the Future

     The world is constantly changing, especially the online world. No company will excel if they ignore this fast-changing environment.


     With the expression "too big to fail" being commonly used in daily conversations, people think megacorporations will never fail. On the contrary, no matter how big it is, no corporation can survive if it does not take proper action when responding to new trends. For example, it seems that Microsoft and Intel have secured their presence in our lives, but even so, if they ignore the forecast that says the sales of smartphones and tablets will overtake the sales of personal computers in the next few years, they will lose their dominance in their markets.

Too Late

     Another example is BlackBerry. It is one of the companies that missed a big wave of change. BlackBerry's very first products were remarkable and impressed the whole world. However, because the company stuck with its QWERTY keyboard for too long, they completely missed the new wave of touch screen technology. Now, they are deep in trouble. They are working hard to restructure, but it is too late. Even a multinational corporation can't survive if it ignores new trends.


     It is easy to keep old habits, but if you keep them, you cannot stay in business, as the above examples have shown. On the other hand, if you dump your old habits and react quickly to the next wave, you can beat big, slow-reacting corporations. Always pay attention to what is happening around you, and use the next wave as your business chance.

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