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Apps: Help or Sabotage?

     There are lots of apps we can buy these days, but not all of them will help your business grow.

What computers are good at

     Just like each of us has our own weak and strong points, computers also have their own weak and strong points. Computers are good for standardized jobs, such as processing credit card payments, and they can do these things quickly and accurately. On the other hand, computers are not good at being creative, like responding to a variety of demands from all different types of customers. Handling such tasks requires experienced customer service representatives to use their wits.

Are apps better than people?

     Just because an app exists, it does not mean that app handles a task computers are good at. The best example is an app for writing search-engine-optimized web content. Whether optimized or not, any content is the product of human creativity, something computers cannot mimic. Such tasks should not be assigned to computers.


     Before you buy any app, you should evaluate if, when running it, your computer will be used in a suitable manner. Once you assign tasks based on suitability, you will be able to run your business more efficiently and outperform your competitors. Don't be fooled by software companies' marketing campaigns. Always think about what computers can do well.

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