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Spying on Customers

     To succeed in any business, you need to know what customers want. Let's see what you can do to find out customer needs.

Research Firms

     To find out customer needs, you do not have to literally spy like the NSA. The easiest way is to hire a research firm. They will do all the hard work for you. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive, and their reports are usually stuffed with statistical jargon and are difficult to comprehend. So hiring a research firm is not for everyone.

Be a Customer

     One handy marketing-research alternative is to become a customer yourself. For example, if you are running a camera store, attend some photography sessions with your customers. Or, if you are running a bike shop, go on some bike rides with your customers. Just by doing these things you will hear your customers' real voices and discover your products' pros and cons. Also, these days you can find numerous online forums about your products. By browsing those forums you will also be able to discover your customers' real demands.


     The most crucial objective of market research is to improve your business. No matter what kind of research you conduct, nothing will change unless you act upon the results. A rule of thumb is that you do not need to do anything with satisfied customers; you only need to solve the problems of dissatisfied customers. It is very common that problem-solving products become big hits. So it is important to listen well to customer complaints.

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