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Talk to Invisible Customers

     Everybody wants to use "word of mouth" for their business. Fortunately, there are a few secrets to help make this a lot easier to accomplish!

The Friends

     Word of mouth is when satisfied customers talk to their friends about your store, improving the chance that those friends might come to your store too. As the story is passed on from friend to friend, you'll get more and more customers. The key here is friends of customers. However, many business owners can only see the customers who are physically in front of them; they don't see the networks of friends these customers might have. You need to keep these potential friends in mind, in order to encourage word of mouth.

Make People Talk

     As an example, here is the best sales pitch I've ever heard in terms of word of mouth. While a beautician was putting some makeup on her customer, she said, "You'll look at least 10 years younger, right away!" After finishing the makeup, she then said, "Now you look so much younger."

So far, this had been an average sales talk.

Then, she added, "Please let your friends try this stuff. Some people want to become beautiful without anybody's or anything's help. Such people won't look beautiful no matter how much they improve their skin." After they heard this, nobody could stop talking about this product with their friends.


     Unlike the above example, there aren't any face-to-face communications with customers for online businesses. Even so, whenever you're designing web pages or online ads, always be aware that there are people behind the audience who will also see that content. This awareness will help you create content that encourages word of mouth.

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