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Action First

     I regularly receive questions about starting businesses. Many of the questioners are thinking too much, in my opinion. Rather than thinking, you need to act to make it happen.


     In old days in Japan, one samurai set the rankings of people as follows:

  1. have taken on a challenge and succeeded
  2. have taken on a challenge but failed
  3. have not have personally taken on a challenge, but have helped other challenge-seekers
  4. have not done anything
  5. have not done anything, but have criticized other people

When you think about it, the above list perfectly applies to today's society, doesn't it? Omitting the detailed explanations, my point is that whether they succeed or not, people who have taken on challenges are worth high ratings--and this has been true since a long time ago.


     Now we understand action is important. Of course, all of us want to succeed when we accept challenges. And I actually do have a tip for success. You have to review your actions and use those reviews to act better next time. This is how you become a professional; successful people are professionals in their field.


     Applying the above principle to founding businesses, everyone is an amateur entrepreneur when they start a business. Many business plans made by amateurs will not work. Rather than spending time on making mere theories (business plans), once you decide to start a business, just start. Then, by repeating action and review, become a professional entrepreneur. Choose to become a professional entrepreneur instead of a failed entrepreneur who goes bankrupt--it will be a decisive moment of choosing success over failure.

© May, 2015