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Focus on Purpose

     Usually, we make a business plan and follow that plan when we run a business. However, if you are obsessed with following the plan, you will be in trouble.


     For the sake of simplicity, let's compare the complicated process of running a business to the simple task of going home from work. The equivalent of the business plan is the route home; you follow that route (business plan) to go home (to run your own business). But once in a while, there is construction on the way home. Most of us do not have any problem taking a detour. However, when it comes to their own business operations, people tend to try pushing through the construction zone because of an obsession with following the business plan. This is just like shooting your own foot.


     Now, think about why we can take a detour without any problem when we are heading home. That is because we do not lose the purpose--in this example, arriving home. We plan the route to home, but it does not matter what route we take (what plan we follow), as long as we can go home (accomplish the goal). But, while running a business, people often forget about the purpose of the business and blindly follow the business plan. Therefore, people cannot come up with a simple take-a-detour type solution when encountering problems.


     Moreover, by not losing the purpose, you can have an advantage over funders, i.e., banks or investors. For example, if you miss a deadline a little, like five minutes due to “taking a detour,” funders may make such a niggling delay an end-of-the-world-grade problem. Even so, you can stay cool as long as you know you are accomplishing the goal (taking a detour but on your way home). Then, you can give a cool counter argument in order to cool the funders down. So, do not lose the purpose of your business; stay cool and stay in business.

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