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     During the bidding race for the 2020 Summer Olympics, the Tokyo's unique selling proposition (USP) was "hospitality." Let's see how can we use the same USP for your business.


     To begin, think about inviting guests to your house. You can use a top-notch catering service to impress them. It's a nice treat, but no matter how good the food is, everyone who uses the same catering service can impress the guests in the same way. This is not really good "hospitality." Instead, think about cooking the food yourself. Unless you are a professional cook, you won't beat the catering service; even so, serving your own food is hospitality only you can provide.

Impression vs. Satisfaction

     Now, notice how today's businesses treat their customers. The majority of business owners focus on impressing their customers rather than welcoming them. Because of this, many websites look alike, e.g., they use fancy audio visual effects to impress visitors. You can still sell products in such way; however, at those kinds of website, people are influenced by impressions, not satisfaction.


     Maybe, it's OK, as long as you can sell your products, but impressions don't last long. Once people start thinking rationally, they realize that it was an impulse purchase. They might come back to your store to return what they bought, and it will likely be their last visit. On the other hand, if you satisfy your customers by providing a unique form of hospitality, they will most likely come back to your store for their next purchase.

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