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Reduce Unsubscriptions

     Publishing your own e-mail magazine is an essential task for online businesses to get subscribers. Moreover, we need to work on not losing them.


     According to research conducted by Silverpop, the average unsubscription rate is 0.1438%. That means if you get one or two unsubscriptions for every 1000 e-mails you send, you are average. If you get two unsubscriptions or more, you might want to review if your newsletter content meets users' interests.


     Now, let's look at why people unsubscribe. Based on research carried out by Chadwick Martin Bailey, these are common reasons:

  1. Too many e-mails
    This does not mean that you are sending e-mails too often. People subscribe to multiple e-mail magazines, and they may be receiving too many. So, people may unsubscribe to a bunch of e-mail magazines, including yours. The best defence is to always publish interesting content; in this way, you can save your e-mail magazine from unsubscribers.
  2. Lost interest
    People sometimes lose interest in the topics of your e-mail magazine. This is normal human behaviour, which you have no control over. However, make sure you cater to your readers' interests by continually introducing new topics.
  3. Being forgotten
    If you do not publish an e-mail magaziner frequently enough, people may forget that they have subscribed. A new magazine should be sent out at least once a month (more frequently is better). Remember to adjust the length of your content to the frequency (shorter content for more frequent publication). Otherwise, your readers may be turned off. As a guideline, the content should take less than 20 seconds to read for a daily magazine and less than 2 minutes for a monthly magazine.


     Feedback from readers is a gold mine. At the end of every e-mail, encourage people to provide feedback. And, read this feedback with an open mind and heart and reflect on them so that you can change future issues if necessarily. This will help keep your unsubscription rate low.

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