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     Only 1 percent of Internet users make purchases on their very first visit to a website. Therefore, you need to make people come back to your store many, many times to sell more products.


     Today, there is a method of advertising designed just to make people come back. That method is called "remarketing" or "retargeting." Remarketing (or retargeting) exclusively targets people who have visited your website. As the users surf the Internet, they are checked to see if they have previously visited your site. If they have, your ads will be displayed. Because those identified users have shown some interest in your products by visiting your site, remarketing ads generally yield a higher return on investment (ROI).


     To start using remarketing, you need to paste code from a remarketing advertisement provider onto your webpages. When you have added the code, you can configure the advertising criteria -- i.e., setting the tracking period (when the tracking period has expired, those users are no longer identified as those who have "previously visited") or targeting people who have visited to particular pages on your website (i.e., menswear or womenswear pages, rather than any pages on your website). Of course, the ROI -- the most important statistic -- will be provided.


     Remarketing is one of most effective marketing tactics; however, you should not blindly spend your marketing budget on it. Like all other marketing campaigns, you should constantly check the ROI and spend money to make a profit. Also, because remarketing exclusively targets previous visitors, you need to invite people to your site for the very first time in some other ways. Therefore, balancing remarketing with other marketing methods is crucial. Last, most business owners forget about updating "Terms of Use" (TOU). Your TOU page should clearly state that you track visitors' browsing histories.

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