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Excessive Advertising

     Since you are running a business, selling your products is one of your duties. However, too many sales pitches will only irritate Internet users. So, the question is -- where is the "right" spot in selling?

Causes of Irritation

     First, let's look at the conclusions reached in a study conducted by iResearch, "Top 10 reasons of irritation while surfing the Internet."

  1. When trying to watch a video, a video ad is played that can't be skipped.
  2. Accidentally clicking a moving banner.
  3. A video ad starts automatically.
  4. A page takes a long time to load, and the PC or smartphone runs slower.
  5. Several links must be clicked before reaching the page you want to see.
  6. On a smartphone, there is a banner that could be touched accidentally.
  7. A whole article can't be read without subscribing to the publication.
  8. Need to log in with one of the social network accounts (i.e., Facebook).
  9. Display of sexually oriented banners.
  10. Because of retargeting, only ads of similar products are displayed.

Forced Ads

     The study's conclusions show us that Internet users are easily annoyed by advertisements -- but we, as business owners, cannot eliminate advertisements. Even though we have to continue advertising, we should classify forced video ads (Nos. 1 and 3 in the above list) and tricky banners (Nos. 2 and 6) as excessive advertising. Also, even though you can successfully "trick" people into clicking on banners, those people will not buy your products. Thus, you are wasting advertising dollars.


     You can fix the causes of irritation if they are the fault of your website. However, if the problem is in someone else's website that displays your ads, it is impossible to fix the problem. One solution is to be selective about ad networks. You should not choose an ad network that uses forced video ads. Or, you should select the ad network that prohibits "tricky ad" placements in the publisher's Terms of Use (using Google as an example, AdSense is for publishers, and AdWords is for advertisers; the Terms of Use here are AdSense's). You can then promote your products without excessively irritating people.

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