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Brand Image

     Creating your own brand will help you sell your products, and this will be true as long as your brand has a positive image.


     Lots of brands exist today, like Google, Intel, Sony, etc. And consumers associate a different image with each brand. An image could be positive, like "Company ABC offers high-quality products," or negative, like "Company XYZ will rip you off." Needless to say, your brand or business should be associated with a positive image in order to sell more products.

Track Record

     You will find lots of how-to's on developing positive corporate images when you search the Internet. However, having a truly positive image is not only about using some techniques, it is also about having a good track record. For example, to have an image of "providing good customer service," you must provide good customer service. In other words, unless you provide good customer service, you'll never acquire the image of "providing good customer service."


     Furthermore, providing average service will not give your business a positive image at all. You'll need to provide exceptional service. But this doesn't mean you should provide exceptional service in every aspect of your business (product quality, competitive pricing, customer service, etc.). Actually, doing something like that is impossible. Instead, pick one aspect good at (i.e., customer service) and focus on it. Once you have a long track record of providing the exceptional service in the business aspect you have chosen, your brand or business will have a positive image.

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