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"About Us" Page

     For most websites, the "About Us" page is one of the most accessed pages. Let's take closer look at this so-very-popular page.

Frequent Access

     From the business owner's point of view, it's kind of surprising that a page that doesn't have anything to do with products is accessed very often. However, Internet shoppers' biggest question is whether companies really do ship orders. At brick-and-mortar stores, people exchange their money for products when they make their purchases. However, at online stores, people have to pay first and then wait for the products. That takes trust. To determine a site's trustworthiness, Internet shoppers view the "About Us" page.


     Your sales figures very much depend on how the "About Us" page efficiently gains shoppers' trust. So you need to write content for the "About Us" page to show your trustworthiness. Basically, the "About Us" page shows the achievements of your business, such as the story behind opening your business, how your business has been growing, and so on. Also, including any media coverage and recognition you have received is a good idea. You may be tempted to present those achievements by providing only the chronology of your company. Don't do that. It's boring. Instead, try writing interesting stories about the achievements of your business.

Sales Pitch

     One thing to remember while writing content for the "About Us" page is the content often ends up looking like an advertisement. That will make shoppers skeptical about your business. The purpose of the "About Us" page is to "promote" your business, but unlike product pages, you should not "sell" your business. Because it is hard to draw a line between promoting and selling, the surest way to determine what kind of content you really have is to get some of your friends to read the content. If they think your content is interesting but not self-promoting, that's the kind of content that helps you to gain Internet shoppers' trust.

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