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"Contact Us" Page

     Like the "About Us Open in New Window" page, the "Contact Us" page also has a great influence on sales. Let's see how you can post contact numbers to efficiently increase sales.


     The content of the "Contact Us" page depends on how you run your business. On websites selling products, customers only need to contact companies when websites can't handle customer issues. In this scenario, the "Contact Us" page should offer as many contact methods as practically possible, including direct contact numbers to different branches, departments, and staff. This gives customers a better shopping experience.

Induce more Inquiries

     Other than selling products, the goal of some websites might be to get inquiries from potential customers. For example, for consulting businesses, they want to get inquiries from potential clients. Then, ink contacts from there. In this scenario, you should post only one contact method, i.e. telephone, chat, or email. Several tests have shown that fewer options induce more inquiries.


     Other than contact information, there are a few pieces of information that should be posted on the contact page. One of them is business hours. If you don't give the business hours, customers might phone you outside of business hours, and of course, no one will answer the calls. This is a big disappointment to customers, and you might lose some sales.

     Another one is the physical location of your business. If you're running an online business, you don't expect anyone to physically visit your place. Even so, showing the physical location will help you gain customers' trust. Without trust, you can't sell a single product.

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