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Website Designer

     It’s great if you can build a website by yourself, but if you can’t, you need to hire a website designer. Here is what you need to know when hiring one.

Kinds of Designs

     When it comes to building websites, there are two kinds of designs, artistic design (the visual appearance of the website) and technical design (programming). Many people think programming skills are more important than artistic skills because the Internet is all about technology. However, the appearance of a web page has a great influence on sales. So, be sure not to undervalue your designer's artistic skills.

Kinds of Code

     Even in web programming, there are different kinds of programming languages. Web pages are based on something called “HTML.” The latest version of HTML allows users to browse YouTube without installing a Flash Player, but it is basically used for static web pages. By combining HTML with JavaScript (Note: Java and JavaScript are totally different languages), simple features like drop down menus, changing font sizes for viewers, and so on can be added. Further, there are some highly interactive websites, like gmail, that are capable of displaying/deleting email messages and creating folders upon users' requests. If you want to go that far, using other programming languages, like PHP, Ruby, Python, and/or Perl, will be needed. Different web designers are experts in different languages, so choose a designer who suits your needs.


     One more thing you need to consider when hiring a web designer is clarifying who owns the legal rights of the completed website. For example, the designer will hold the copyright to the completed website, but the rights can be transferred to you if you arrange for them to be (i.e., by paying a design fee). To arrange this, the details must be stated in the contract before any work begins. Let me tell you a true story: One company used a software development company and paid developing fees. However, the development company demanded royalties for each unit of software sold. Because of this dispute, no software could be sold. Make sure to take care of these ownership details up front.

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