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How to Use this Newsletter

     Whatever people say, the effects of email magazines as marketing media are still strong. Let's review the use of email magazines.

Keeping Customers

     The most common use for email magazines is as a form of ongoing communication with potential customers and making them remember your store. About 98% of visitors do not buy anything during their first visit to a web site. One way to sell products to those 98% is to keep communicating with them via newsletters. As long as people remember your store, you will have opportunities for sales in the future.

Selling Products

     Another use for email magazines is selling one particular product. First, gather a list of subscribers to your email magazine. For example, gather a list of people interested in "free online piano lessons." Then, through your email magazine, give them tips for playing the piano little by little, every day, for 5 to 7 days. In the last issue, you can promote your piano lesson DVD, where you reveal all the secrets of playing a piano. By showing a few tips at a time, you will boost readers' curiosity. Then, use that curiosity to sell your products.


     Regardless of which technique you use, the content of your email magazine needs to be interesting enough to attract readers. Otherwise, you will not get any benefit from publishing it. In other words, writing interesting content is the key to monetizing your email magazine. The biggest trap when it comes to writing interesting content is to keep thinking about how to sell more products. Yes, our goal is to sell more products, but if you do that, your newsletter will become a flyer. You cannot attract people with flyers. Instead, keep thinking about what benefits the readers of your newsletter. This mindset makes your newsletter interesting and will bring you more sales in the end.

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