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Email Magazine Planning

     It is a fact that sending advertisements via email is profitable. Let's see how to maximize your profits from email advertisements.


     Sending out email advertisements does lead to extra profits; however, if you send ads impulsively, the results will be nominal. Let's use Mother's Day as an example. As a matter of course, products ordered for Mother's Day should be delivered before Mother's Day. To ensure on-time delivery, the products have to be shipped one week before Mother's Day; the shipping process takes two days. This is your ordering deadline. Then, set the Mother's Day special sale period for three weeks prior to that deadline. (These dates are just examples.) Now, you have a very specific date for sending a newsletter to announce your Mother's Day sale. This kind of planning needs to be done to take full advantage of email advertising.


     Some people might be allergic to "planning." Even so, all you have to do is to make a calendar. Mark all special occasions (i.e., Valentine's Day, Christmas) on a blank calendar. Then, mark your order and shipping deadlines, special sale periods, and email issue dates for each occasion you have marked. That's it. By making this simple calendar, you won't just send your email on time, you will also be able to run various sales campaigns flawlessly throughout the year.


     Even though you can make profits through your email advertisements, you should not abuse your option list. People have opted in to receive your email because of your interesting content. If they receive ads too often, they will quickly lose interest in being on your list. Then, they will opt out or unsubscribe. In the end, you will have no one to send advertisements to. So, keep the frequency of your advertisements reasonably low. In this way, you will make a greater profit in the long run.

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