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To Get Attention

     There are so many posts on social networking sites that it's easy for yours to get buried. It is very hard to get noticed. What should you do to get attention on an SNS?

Research Results

     First, let's look at a couple of interesting research results.

  1. According to Social Bakers, on Facebook,
    • posts with images received 53% more "likes" than posts without images, and
    • 93% of the 5,000 most-shared posts used images.
  2. According to Dan Zarella, tweets with images were re-tweeted 92% more often than tweets without images.


     Today's internet users are bombarded by countless pieces of information, so people are trying to evaluate what information to receive (which posts to read) as quickly as possible. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Images can instantaneously give people adequate information to evaluate if a post is worth reading or not. On the other hand, reading takes too much time to tell people what the posts are all about.

Viral Images

     Not all images produce the same outcomes. Some images get attention, while others don't. In other words, ordinary images just tell people, "This post is not worth reading." In order to make people think your posts are worth reading, you need to use images that will have a strong impact. As described in "Viral Stories Open in New Window" you should use images that excite people's feelings. If you succeed, people will notice your posts.

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